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If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient contractor, look no further than Crowntown Roofing. Whether you need repair or a replacement, we want to be partners in helping you remedy the problem. Our specialists can locate any issue and provide solutions to protect your most valuable asset. Just call for an appointment to request our help at 980-258-1770.










We recognize you have many options when choosing your roofing company, but going with Crowntown is a decision you will never regret. Honest, hard-working, with 40 years of experience, owner Mark DeBoo is an exacting roofing and management professional. His expertise spans both residential and commercial roofing, siding, and business management and ownership. So whether you need repairs, routine maintenance or a new roof, we can help.


In addition, Mark and his team can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Their troubleshooting inspections can identify problems and create solutions before issues get out of hand — including the unique ability and expertise to understand multiple steep pitch roofing systems and construction to solve design flaws. Crowntown works to make sure their staff understands the vital importance of each and every project.


“We recently had a small leak and had Mark DeBoo come out to check out the problem. He left us with a quote and came back to fix it. Come to find out we didn't need as much work as originally thought. They so could have still charged us for the entire job and we would not have known the difference but they didn't. We need more people like this in the world. Integrity will get you more business! Thank you, Mark DeBoo”

Tonya M-G

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark DeBoo several times over the past ten years, and he has been incredible to work with. 

A few years back, I had a tree limb pierce my roof while I was away on business, followed by three days of intense rain. I called Mark immediately once I found out about it, and he came out on a Saturday, in the rain, and quickly put up a tarp to stop further damage from happening while I was away. 

I also called him once because I wanted a new roof, and he actually sold me on not getting a new roof. He said I could make this one work for a while longer. What kind of salesperson/owner does that? An honest one.

I have referred him to several of my friends and family over the years, and every one has thanked me afterward.

In a world where it’s common to be overpromised and overcharged, Mark DeBoo shows up when he says he will, does what he promises to do (sometimes even a little bit more), and charges a fair price. He stands out from his peers.

I’ve lived in Charlotte for almost 30 years, and all 30 of those were in the mortgage/real estate industry. I fully endorse/recommend Mark for any of your needs."

                                                      Jeff K.

“After a particularly scary storm, a lot of neighbors were having their roofs replaced by a local guy who was coming around knocking on doors. I wasn't comfortable with his pitch, so I called Crowntown for a second opinion. Mark came and took a look. He said it was perfectly fine, had another decade of good life at least, and spared me from making an unnecessary claim on my homeowners insurance. Very honest. Highly recommend.”

Lizzie D.

“Great service, great quality, great people and a great roof at a great price. What more could I ask for? Couldn't be more pleased. You can't go wrong hiring Mark and his guys.”

Chris K.


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